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What Is The Typical Discovery In A Divorce?


Divorce discovery can be an arduous process that reveals a lot of information. It is an integral part of the divorce proceedings and can help each party determine what assets and liabilities they will receive or have to pay out during divorce proceedings. Divorce discovery typically involves gathering documents, financial records, witness statements, depositions, interrogatories, […]

What To Do If A Parent Moves To Another State With Shared Custody


If one parent moves to another state, there can be challenges in determining how to share child custody. This is especially true regarding visitation schedules and other aspects of a parenting plan. The first step is for parents to have an honest discussion with each other about what the move means for their family. They […]

What To Do If You Disagree With Where Your Kids Will Go To School?


Parents who are divorced and disagree about where their child will attend school can find themselves in a difficult situation. However, there are ways to handle this disagreement that can benefit both parents and the child. Steps Towards Resolving The Issue First, parents must discuss the best option for their child’s education. This means putting […]

What Are Some Reasons Why Grandparents Can Be Awarded Custody Of A Child


Grandparents can be awarded custody away from parents in some instances, including: 1. If a parent is deemed unfit to care for the child – In cases where one or both of the biological parents are found to be unable or unwilling to provide adequate care and protection to a child, grandparents may be able […]

How To Talk To Your Children About Divorce


Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience for everyone involved, but it can significantly affect children. Parents are typically the most critical people in a child’s life, and when they separate, it can cause confusion and anxiety. Additionally, children may feel caught in their parents’ dispute and have difficulty understanding why their family […]

Developing a Parental Plan


When developing a parenting plan, there are several points to consider. First and foremost is the well-being of the children involved. The program should prioritize their safety, security, and emotional health. It’s also essential to consider what works best for each family member. A parenting plan should consider the individual needs of parents and children […]

The Benefits of Working with an Attorney


Divorce can be an emotional, complex process, and having an experienced attorney on your side is essential to help you navigate the complicated legal system. Working with a lawyer during divorce can provide several benefits that make the process smoother. One key benefit of working with an experienced attorney is that they can ensure all […]

Things to Consider Before you File for Divorce


Filing for a divorce is a difficult decision, and it’s essential to consider several factors before you decide to pursue a divorce. Here are some things you should think about. Considerations Before Divorce  1. Finances: Divorce can significantly impact your finances, so it’s essential to understand what assets and debts will be divided between the […]