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Other Services

Criminal Defense

Rex Bushman upon occasion does criminal defense cases for misdemeanors or third degree felonies which can be negotiated successfully to misdemeanors. Often resolution will include a plea in abeyance where a guilty plea is entered on the charges and with good behavior for 12 months the matter is completely dismissed. Services are charged at an hourly rate.


Personal Injury

Injury and Malpractice

Personal injuries:  Rex does prosecutions for auto accidents and handles them on a contingent fee basis for attorney to received one third of total recovery.  This is less than the forty percent charge many law firms charge their personal injury clients.

Malpractice:  Upon occasion Rex will do a medical malpractice case when the facts are too compelling to ignore.  He will often co counsel with another attorney to make sure all bases are covered in the representation.  This will be done for a fee of one third of total recovery.

Real Property:  Rex will take a real property case often involving fraud or breach of contract.  His significant litigation experience will allow him to do so charging an hourly rate for those services.