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Real estate attorneys provide vital services to those looking to buy and sell property. They help protect their client’s legal rights and advise them on the best course of action for their particular situation. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, or tenant, an experienced real estate attorney can be invaluable in helping you navigate the complex laws and regulations associated with any real estate transaction.

The primary role of a real estate attorney is to ensure that all parties involved in a transaction comply with applicable state and federal law regarding land transactions. They also aid in contract negotiations and review purchase agreements to ensure they are legally binding and enforceable. An attorney can also explain zoning regulations, deed restrictions, title issues, contracts of sale/lease, and other applicable legal matters relating to the sale or purchase of real estate.


Real Estate

Real Estate Attorney Services

In addition to protecting their client’s legal rights, a real estate attorney can help them reduce risk by offering advice on how to protect their investments best. For example, they may advise buyers on whether specific terms or conditions are wise, such as what type of title insurance to purchase or if specific inspection clauses should be included in the contract. They can also provide insight into any potential issues that could arise down the road that could affect the buyer financially.

The services of a real estate attorney are essential for anyone involved in a property transaction. By taking advantage of an experienced attorney’s knowledge, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that you are making the best decisions when buying, selling, or leasing real estate.

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Typical real estate issues that require attorney services include but are not limited to title searches, drafting of purchase and sale agreements, negotiating complex contracts, resolving boundary disputes, helping with commercial lease agreements, resolving landlord-tenant disputes including evictions and security deposits, handling foreclosures, and representing clients in court proceedings related to the sale or transfer of property.