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What Is The Typical Discovery In A Divorce?


Divorce discovery can be an arduous process that reveals a lot of information. It is an integral part of the divorce proceedings and can help each party determine what assets and liabilities they will receive or have to pay out during divorce proceedings. Divorce discovery typically involves gathering documents, financial records, witness statements, depositions, interrogatories, […]

How To Talk To Your Children About Divorce


Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience for everyone involved, but it can significantly affect children. Parents are typically the most critical people in a child’s life, and when they separate, it can cause confusion and anxiety. Additionally, children may feel caught in their parents’ dispute and have difficulty understanding why their family […]

Things to Consider Before you File for Divorce


Filing for a divorce is a difficult decision, and it’s essential to consider several factors before you decide to pursue a divorce. Here are some things you should think about. Considerations Before Divorce  1. Finances: Divorce can significantly impact your finances, so it’s essential to understand what assets and debts will be divided between the […]